Finding out where you are at…

To know where you are going, you first need to learn where you are at. That is why Dan is offering two business surveys and analysis. Each includes surveys where, as an outside party, Dan can get information that you probably can’t get yourself.

What’s Next Internal Analysis
By surveying your internal staff, the internal analysis finds out key components of your business operations. These findings are essential for your recruiting and retention efforts.
• Do employees recommend your business to others?
• Are operations going smoothly, what can be improved?

What’s Next External Analysis
One part customer satisfaction survey, one part operations overview, the external analysis works with your customers to find out what they are thinking.
• Are they locked in for the long term, or could they be shopping your competition?
• Can we identify areas where you could be getting more of their business?
• Do you have the right matches of services and personnel to work with your customers?

For a limited time, Dan is making an introductory offer on these services. $3,000 for either the Internal or External Analysis, or 5,000 for both if done concurrently.

Please note, the external analysis is geared towards business-to-business companies or businesses that have lists of their consumers. Retail and other consumer businesses that don’t have customer lists may require additional developmental fees.